Saturday, June 4, 2016

::f(x) VS AMBER::


My fav korean girl group, f(x), its a symbol of math. hahaha!!! they have a very good song, sing and dance very well and not really over sexy like other girl groups. They have their own cutest character, do not to overdoing and very classy style. 

this song very addicted. love is four wall...wall..wall. and amber rapping very well. love it.

amber is my bias. i likes her boyish style but please do not misconceived her. she is a girl. i think why she dress up like a boy, because she need to protect herself since she came to korea at the young age. this is why she need to look strong and defensive. this is just my two cents thought  because i am use the same way to protect myself.

please listen to her song and i am pretty sure you will addicted with her songs to. most of her songs is personally composed by herself and the songs will inspirations you too. seriously, i not lie. you try and tell me.

okey (^.^)

#needtofeeltheneeded #beautiful #onmyown

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