Monday, May 25, 2009

Being A Lawyer

NOT ME!!!!


Good afternoon…Good Monday…start your day with brighten day…hehehe…

This morning I have meeting with Tanot and people from MSKota. The meeting takes 3 hours at Lestari. So, I tried to get there earlier. 930 a.m. as a planning, I see Tanot in meeting room, greeting her and waiting for MSKota’s representative. I not sure what Tanot would tell us in this meeting and I just bring what I think necessary. About 1015a.m. MSKota’s representative arrived, he late about 45 minutes. I know that he's not familiar with UKM and lost. I called him for a many time until he found this Lestari. I don’t think this is meeting because Tanot just give us a show about geopark movie that developed by Jabatan Muzium Negara. She just told us a few geosites that she thought it useful for our project and also to make MSKota’s representative clear with geological theory in geosite management. The meeting end about 1100 a.m.

Hehehe…I just told you all what I doing for today.

Actually, I have something to share with you guys. What makes me very enthusiastic to be a geologist? Last two nights, I have chit-chat with my roommate. Just a borak- borak kosong. I told her that people around me always asked why I don’t take law during my study. Why I choose geology?
Erm… I really,really want to geologist actually. Before this, I don’t know exactly what is geology. I never heard the word of geology, geologist or what ever that related with this word. But, during I in MRSMBP, my teacher have mention to me about geology. She told me that she have friends that studying in geology and the already working in international company. At that time, I have set in my mind that I want to be a geologist too. I want working with international company and also travel abroad. Wahh…very impressed. After I finished my secondary level and I got an offer to continue my study in matriculation level. So that, I am seriously want to be geologist. No one can change my mind. I have completed my study well and it time for me to choose course in university. We have eight options for a few names of university. So, I choose geology programme as my first option but my mum disagreed. She wants me to be a teacher and she wants me to change my application. I obey. Geology programme became my fifth option but I always pray and hope that I got offer in geology. Finally, I got it. I told my sis about the offer. Now, again she asks me why I don’t apply course in law. Confuse. Why must law. Weird!!!Weird!!!

Same goes with my roommate. She also asks me why I don’t studying in law. Why this people want I be a lawyer!!! I am not interested in law. I don’t think it good for me. Very differ with my character. Lawyer must be someone talkative, lot of ideas, strength, dare to defence their words. Not me!!! I just always give in. give up with myself. How can I be a lawyer!! But sis said I never give up, always want to be winner. Ketegaq (kedah word)!!! I am NOT!!!

My roommate said, to be a lawyer suitable with me. Her reason is because I like reading. That’ it… because of I am readaholic (word from workaholic and shopaholic). Hehehe…I admit that I love reading, very much. One month I must bought at least 1 book. If I have extra money, I bought more. Any type of books such Islamic book, motivation, magazines, novel (only written by RAM, I’m not interested in love story anymore), comics, mangas, or anything that makes me happy. Seriously, reading makes me happy, relaxing my mind and comfortable. From my thought, being lawyer is not me. I have no reason, why!!!

Here I state a few criteria that every lawyer should have:

1~ One of the key requirements to become a lawyer is the ability to defend an argument, means that you will have to get the facts relevant to your side of a case and stick to your argument for your client's sake.
If you are the type who presents an argument and then backs down in the face of opposition then you should not become a lawyer.

2~ Personality appearance, when people see, talking with you, they trust you. Any words that came out from your mouth are true and they believe with it. But, it does not mean you can lie.

3 ~ The quality of your education.

Get advice from others to help yourself determine if you should become a lawyer. Many times others see characteristics in us that we don't see. It could be that someone would offer constructive criticism to you that would actually be helpful in analyzing whether or not you should become a lawyer.

**Guys!!! Please correct my writing. I not good enough in English writing!!!**

this is maybe one of the reason why i can't be a lawyer...hehehe...

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