Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just For Fun

::Relaxing My Mind? I don't Think So::

Just to fulfill my free time, so I just explore from one website to another website until I found this website. Hehehe… very interesting website, http://www.testq.com/
After I answered all the given questions (just likes IQ test for MRSM student selection a few years ago), and I got the result. So, this is my IQ test result…hahaha…
Believe it or not, it just for fun…

Visual Mathematician
Your IQ Score is: 118
You have a strong ability to process visual-spatial and mathematical information. These skills combined with your strengths in logic are what make you a Visual Mathematician. You're able to understand patterns visually and in numbers. That means your mind can create a mental picture for any problem. In addition to that skill, you possess an intelligence that allows you to apply math to that picture, too. That helps you manipulate multiple parts of the picture (or problem) to come up with a solution. You have many skills that are critical to success and problem-solving. Your talents help you understand the "big picture," which is partly why people may turn to you for direction — especially in the workplace. You flourish in environments where tasks are clearly defined, and you are a whiz at improving processes and making things more efficient. Your ability to detect patterns and your skills in math and logic, make it natural for you to come up with ideas and theories that simplify processes for everyone. Outside of work, Visual Mathematicians tend to do well at strategic activities like chess. It must be that ability to recognize patterns — both as they are and how they develop. Regardless of how you put your mind to use, you've got a great set of talents. You will be able to envision a clear path and calculate the risks, and more importantly, the rewards, of anything you take on.

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